April is National Safe Digging Month
April is National Safe Digging Month and with that, New York State Gas & Electric (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) remind homeowners and contractors starting any projects that involve excavation or digging to have underground utilities marked to prevent damage. This i...
This Townie Award is so Cold it’s Hot
Tino's Pizzeria, where the hottest thing is the coldest thing
Tino's Pizzeria stands out as home of the original cold cheese pizza. For many years, this family operated restaurant boasted the largest pizza pie in town with a contest for those daring enough to try to eat it within a certain …
Wanderlust Dream Job
Lauren Pennino
If you love to travel and post photos to your Instagram, Netflix has just come up with the dream job for you.
Netflix is offering a two week assignment, paying a total of $4,000, to simply travel throughout Europe and the Middle East and take Instagram pictures of different the sites yo…

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