Funny Christmas Light Shows [Videos]
Tis the season to decorate beyond reason.  I love Christmas lights.  Whether they are simple or an over the top creation.  Here are some fun Christmas light shows that you are sure to enjoy!
Picking and Preserving The Perfect Tree
Haven't found the perfect Christmas tree yet? Two Cornell University experts recently shared some tips on how to pick and preserve the perfect pine. Brian Eshenaur is a plant pathologist and Elizabeth Lamb has a Ph.D in in plant breeding...
Great Christmas Light Show to “Let It Go” [Video]
A truly mesmerizing Christmas light show is on display at a family home in Austin, Texas.  "Frozen" fans will sing along to the movie's hit song, "Let It Go" and techies will watch the programming and think "cool".
I like that they featu…
Annual Free Christmas Dinner in Oxford
The Oxford Lions Club is inviting the community to their annual Jim Podraza free Christmas Dinner Saturday, December 20th. Dinner will be served from 11:30 AM to 1 PM at St. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish. This holiday event is for all those in need of fellowship.
Fruitcake Do Not Fear This Holiday Treat [Photos]
This traditional holiday dessert has gotten a bad wrap through the years.  Jokes about being used as door stops or speed bumps, being the one the most re-gifted items during Christmas, and the punch line to many holiday jokes.  Well, I never thought I would say this, but

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