Less than a month ago, things were looking rather bleak for the 2014 Chenango United Way campaign. With two thirds of the campaign over, they had raised only 49% of their goal, the lowest at that point in quite a few years. The prediction then was a 100,000 dollar shortfall for the over 20 programs funded in the county, a big hit by all accounts. Lo' and behold, it's a Christmas miracle!

United Way Executive Director Elizabeth Monaco joined us in the Big Kat studios Monday and had big news. Due to the extreme generosity of many county businesses and individual donors, the campaign is at 95% of its 421,000 dollar goal. The 2014 campaign ends at noon Wednesday, so there is still time to help them raise the 22,000 dollars needed to hit their goal, something that seemed impossible just two weeks ago. For information on how you can help, go to their website. Listen to the entire interview with Elizabeth by clicking below and find out  the winner of a 250 dollar gift card.